A Multiplication Based Logic Puzzle

  • 338 is a composite number.
  • Prime factorization: 338 = 2 x 13 x 13, which can be written 338 = 2 x (13^2)
  • The exponents in the prime factorization are 1 and 2. Adding one to each and multiplying we get (1 + 1)(2 + 1) = 2 x 3  = 6. Therefore 338 has exactly 6 factors.
  • Factors of 338: 1, 2, 13, 26, 169, 338
  • Factor pairs: 338 = 1 x 338, 2 x 169, or 13 x 26
  • Taking the factor pair with the largest square number factor, we get √338 = (√2)(√169) = 13√2 ≈ 18.385

Starguy recently nominated me for this blue-green Liebster award. Many bloggers have a no award policy, and I can certainly understand why: receiving an award is a bit of work if you accept it. The Liebster award has been around for a long time, and it has been said that just about every blogger has received it at one time or another.


As these images demonstrate, some recipients have changed the way the award looks.
Featured ImageFeatured ImageFeatured ImageFeatured ImageFeatured ImageFeatured ImageFeatured ImageFeatured Image

Since the logo has been changed multiple times by multiple people, I don’t feel bad having a somewhat rebellious attitude as I accept some of the qualifiers for the award while rejecting others. I’m not interested in sharing 11 random facts about myself, answering 11 questions, or coming up with 11 more to ask my nominees. I’m sure you will learn at least 11 things about me just reading this post anyway. (Random fact: I don’t like reading really long posts that go on forever, and this post will be long enough as it is.) If my nominees would like to write and answer questions, they can refer back to the questions asked in Starguy‘s post.

The idea of the Liebster award is to help bloggers get out of their comfort zones and discover new blogs, and I have done that. In fact several of the blogs I mention in this post I discovered within the last couple of weeks.

Rather than make a simple list of nominees, I’m going to do MORE than required and  describe one of their noteworthy posts. Hopefully the way that I do this will cause them to get a ping back notification because rebellious me is probably not going to inform them of their nominations any other way. Besides, if more people click on their links because I nominated them here, then the nomination will be meaningful. They will most likely notice when they view the referrers on their stat pages that Findthefactors is sending several people their way as well. Otherwise this nomination won’t mean much. Nevertheless, please, click on their links. Here are my 11 nominees in no particular order:

  1. Even though I am an English speaking grandma, I  listened only to Hungarian Christmas carols this year. Justkinga is a Hungarian teenage girl who listens to popular English music all year long. She takes TEN classes at a bilingual school, but somehow finds the time to write a delightful blog in ENGLISH regularly. I ADMIRE HER for writing in English even if there is an occasional grammar error or incorrect word choice. She also writes about Hungarian life and culture.
  2. Established1962 wrote about an ingenious way to make Snakes and Ladders a game of decision making rather than mere chance. In the process he made the game something even older players would enjoy playing while they observe some subtle mathematics.
  3. Nebushumor wrote a very funny post about an extermination ad that featured an adorable Christmas mouse. Other times he’s written about Star Trek, funny family pet rabbit situations, classic cartoons, and comedy gags. Once a week he shares some kind of  humorous statistics.
  4. Solvemymaths shared a great link showing multiple ways to prove the Pythagorean theorem. The 3-4-5 triangle that accompanies his post is far more than a simple illustration. Solvemymaths routinely posts a variety of math problems, gifs, computer programs, and pictures that can help you think and learn to solve your own math problems.
  5. Because I am a vegetarian, I was intrigued by notquitefrenchcuisine‘s old Hungarian family recipe for vegetarian burgers. I also love that she sprinkles a few Hungarian food words in her posts, too.
  6. When I first read Puzzled Over’s Ages-of-three-daughters, I wasn’t sure how the last clue could possibly help me solve it. Maybe it will stump you at first, too, but it really can be solved without too much trouble.
  7. One of the topics Classy Cheapskate blogs about is minimalism. She says a comfortable minimalist owns about 150 things. I can’t imagine that being possible for ANYONE right now, but I do want to head closer to that direction as does she.
  8. I loved Paula Beardell Krieg’s instructions on how to fold paper to make an-equilateral-triangle and other basic shapes. Her method uses the straight edge of a piece of paper, but no compass is needed. Elementary school children can even make perfect squares or triangles using her methods.
  9. Margarita Morris  is a young adult author who has shared the complete writing process with her readers. Her books are well researched, written, and revised. She also shares her love of great classical musical and can capture a scene in nature without writing a single word.
  10. Resourceaholic scours the internet for resources that teach mathematics. Every one of her posts is loaded with as much information as this link. Your students will learn more if you read her blog, and chances are you will learn something, too!
  11. Nerdinthebrain is a home-schooling parent who loves science and mathematics and sharing her lessons with us. Because of her, my grandson and I had a ton of fun testing the pH of different liquids using red cabbage water. She has MANY good ideas and products.
  12. The Chaos Fairy was also nominated for the Liebster Award at the same time that I was so I’m not counting this as one of my 11. Nevertheless, I just had to recognize the DINOSAUR loving in this blog post.

Comments on: "338 Liebster Award or Not" (12)

  1. Congrats to you on your new Liebster and thank you for the nomination! I love your rebellious nature, you feisty thing! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much for nominating me for this award, and also for saying these lovely words about me and my blog! I haven’t been on your blog so far, but I’m glad that I do now. Thanks again! Have a great 2015! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks! Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you so much for this nomination and your kind comments!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. This is so generous of you to write about all of these blogs. I just spent way too much time looking through Solvemymaths GIFs of the day. and signed up to follow.
    Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I do appreciate this – many thanks for your encouragement. The blogging world really does seem to be the most civilised section of the internet, where instead of coming under violent attack you can make new friends and exchange ideas.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. […] than a week ago I was nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Findthefactors, which I am very grateful for! I would have never imagined that I will ever be nominated for […]


  8. […] very grateful to Iva Sallay from Find the Factors for nominating me recently for this Liebster Award. As Iva made it nice and easy by not asking […]


  9. I had no idea it the design changed that much! Great post and well done 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Howdy ! I’m so sorry for my (very, very) late response, however I was so thrilled of you nominating me ! It means a lot for a “young” blog like mine.
    I know nothing about mathematics, so I won’t be a good reader of your blog, but I’ve been quite pleased to find about it (makes a change from foodblogs) and of the way you tweaked the rules of the Award.
    I’ve been really busy these last months – I scarcely managed to post 3 articles since Christmas. But I think I should find some time in the upcoming weeks for carrying on the Award chain in my own way too, hoping it’s not too late! You’ll be advised of it by pingback, and I’d be glad of course to receive any feedback from you.
    Thank you so much again, and all the best to you and your blog !

    Liked by 1 person

    • I certainly understand being busy! It takes so much time to create something and write about it and then try to keep up with what everyone else creates, too. It seems like something is always getting neglected.

      I also write occasionally about researching my husband’s Hungarian genealogy. That might appeal to you more than the mathematics. 🙂


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