Pythagorean Triple Puzzles

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As the chart below shows some numbers appear in more than one Pythagorean triple:Sorted Triples

If you prefer a chart in black and white, use this one:

Triangular Card Deck of Pythagorean Triples:

You can make this deck of 50 playing cards to help you solve the puzzle or perhaps to play a domino-type game. Print each group of 25 cards on a separate sheet of paper. Cut the cards out along the solid lines and fold the cards on the dotted lines. Use a glue stick to keep the front of each card attached to its back. Laminate the cards, if desired. The right angles are the only angles marked on the cards, and the hypotenuses are all along the folded edges. Note: Some sides will not match with any other side in the deck, and the 57-76-95 triangle does not match sides with ANY triangle with a hypotenuse less than 100. One set of 50 playing cards is sufficient to solve any of the puzzles because no triangles are repeated in any of the puzzles.