I cannot express how great a feeling I get when another website mentions the Find the Factors puzzles. This is an alphabetical list of those websites and blogs. Most of the posts are written in English but several are not, and, believe me, a different language does not diminish the thrill of a pingback. (Your computer can often translate those sites.) These websites contain LOTS of other valuable information and are definitely worth checking out.

Auchmuty High School Maths Department

Blog, Blogger, Bloggest Happy Birthday to Me!

Capture Their Interest Puzzle Math

Corriere Della Sera Scuole Medie (Middle School) Il 2016 è l’anno dei numeri? Prova tutte le combinazioni

Crazy Good Readers Dyslexia Digest Rhyme and Rhythm


Denise Gaskins’s Let’s Play Math 6 December 2017 Holiday Math and More: Math Teachers at Play #114

Denise Gaskins Let’s Play Math 1 January 2018 2018 Mathematics Game Join the fun How Do You Make a Crossword Puzzle on Excel

Erich’s Puzzle Palace Pearltrees

Established 1962 Find the Factors-the Blog of Iva Sallay 19 July 2014 12/21/2015

Flying Colors Math 1 April 2016 Wrong, But Useful Episode 34

Global Math Department 1 March 2016 This week, Amazing Resources and Important Ideas

Homeschool Math Blog Find the factors puzzles for practicing the multiplication tables

Interactive Maths Links

Lattice Labyrinths Related Site Links

Learn Fun Facts 31 December 2017 Happy New Year 2018

Magic Strobogrammatic Number 689


Math Fireworks Explosive and Colorful Ideas about Math Education

Math to the 7th Power 10 July 2015 Activities for Exploring Number Sets

MathematicNews December 2015 神秘代號689解密! 數學家定義「超迷人」 網朝聖瘋推

Mathematics-Games 26 January 2014 Find the Factors

Mathematics, Learning, and Technology 7 March 2018  World Maths Day 2018

Math Mammoth September 2018 newsletter

Memories Mysteries Puzzle Sites

Microsievos Encontrar los factores, un pasatiempo con forma de tabla de multiplicar 14 March 2018

Nebus Research 23 January 2014 Factor Finding

Padlet Prime Factorization and Exponential Form

Puntmat 22 January 2014 Graella multiplicativa

Resourceaholic 23 October 2014 5 Maths Gems #11

Resourceaholic 9 April 2015 Gem Awards 2015 #8 Bright Ideas

Resourceaholic 7 July 2015 End of Term Resources under More Ideas

Resourceaholic 12 September 2015 5 Maths Gems #40

Resourceaholic 30 August 2018 Year 7 Maths Activities

Sara Vanderwerf 8 May 2017 MCTM Pop Up Session* 5 Favorites under #1 Megan Rubbelke.

Solve My Maths 21 October 2014 Find the Factors

Solve My Maths 27 October 2014 Make Better Resources, Part 3 Being Creative

Solve My Maths 11 January 2015 Pose a Puzzle

Slate Magazine France 4 January 2016 2016 est une année exceptionnelle (selon les mathématiques)

Storeroom Norledgemaths Factors, Multiples, and Primes: click on Enrichment, Extension, and Problem Solving, then Quick Puzzles and Problems

SuffolksMaths.Co. UK Module 2 TeacherGuide

Sylwekblaszczuk Polish post about 2018

Teach Further Maths Useful Links

Three J’s Learning October 2017  Math Teachers at Play #113 Biblio Nombres – Curiosités, théorie et usages


























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