A Multiplication Based Logic Puzzle

91 is a composite number. 91 = 1 x 91 or 7 x 13. Factors of 91: 1, 7, 13, 91. Prime factorization: 91 = 7 x 13.

91 is never a clue in the FIND THE FACTORS puzzles.

The age-old river crossing puzzle is humorously presented and beautifully illustrated with manipulatives that can easily be printed, cutout, and assembled. It will be a winner with children and adults alike. The link to the original post and instructions by csirohelix no longer works, but the copy of the puzzle is still good.

Also the Mathemagical Site gives a wonderful history of the famous puzzle:


Helix @ CSIRO

You will need

six pieces of paper - a river, a boat, a man, a chicken, a fox and a bag of corn. Cut out all the pieces.

What to do

  1. Cut out the farmer, the fox, the chicken, the boat and the bag of corn along the black lines.
  2. Fold along each dotted line
  3. Use sticky tape to make the pieces and the boat.

The puzzle

A paper boat shape. You’ll need two pieces of sticky tape to make the boat – one for the front and one for the back.

A farmer needs to get a fox, a chicken and some corn across the river. He can only carry one of these things at a time. The animals are well behaved when the farmer is around, but when he goes to the other side of the river they are not very well behaved.

If he leaves the fox with the chicken then the chicken will get eaten. If he leaves the chicken with the…

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