114 My daughter – a new wife with a new life

114  is a composite number. 114 = 1 x 114, 2 x 57, 3 x 38, or 6 x 19. Factors of 114: 1, 2, 3, 6, 19, 38, 57, 114. Prime factorization: 114 = 2 x 3 x 19.

114 is never a clue in the FIND THE FACTORS puzzles.

My recently married daughter and her husband will be moving to London in June where he will be employed by Medopad. In the meantime he has an assignment to get Likes on Medopad’s facebook page, so he is sponsoring a contest until May 22, 2014 for people living in the United States, Great Britian, or Germany for a $100 Visa gift card. To enter all you have to do is click the link below and follow the instructions. If you also invite your Facebook friends to like Medopad and they fill out the application, not only does it enter them in the contest, but it also increases YOUR chances of winning as well. If you live outside those 3 countries, you can still like Medopad’s  facebook page and Medopad will contribute $5 for every new like towards a mHealth Impact Foundation that saves lives.

Click https://a.pgtb.me/Qx0cNZ to like. Visit www.medopad.com to learn more about this revolutionary company.

Update: The contest was won by Kathleen Bundy. My son-in-law was able to get plenty of Likes on the Medopad’s facebook page to complete his assignment.