A Multiplication Based Logic Puzzle

There will be a full moon tonight. Since it is the first full moon of the year, it is called a wolf moon. I learned that fact from reading a short post called Supermoon by the Lycanthropic author, Steve Morris. Wolves love howling at the moon. It has been said that some men have even howled at the moon…

It all sounds pretty mysterious to me, so I made this mystery level puzzle look a little like a full moon. The number 12 appears three times in it on a nice little arc of the circle.  You can work on solving this puzzle under the light of tonight’s full wolf moon … if you dare.

Print the puzzles or type the solution in this excel file: 12 factors 1012-1018

I will be having company for the next week. Just to make it easier for me I’m taking a week off from blogging. I hope you’ll rejoin me then.


Comments on: "1013 Wolf Moon Mystery" (1)

  1. Thanks for the mention! And a happy supermoon to you!


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